Patient Education

What is Qi Stagnation?

Like a wilted flower that has not received enough sun (Qi), water (blood), good soil (nutrients), or has been damaged by bugs (infection), our bodies, too, experience this. When our body’s energy is not being replenished, or is unstable, we have a tendency to stagnate. This is called Qi stagnation in Chinese medicine.

The term Qi stagnation sounds alien to us, so let’s use an example to get a better understanding. We know exercise is good for us, it makes us healthy, circulates the blood, gives us more “energy”, and cleans our body of waste. However, how many days a week do you do it? Most people don’t have an exercise routine, you become stagnant! You may even feel toxic, fatigued, get headaches, experience mental fogginess, soreness, etc., when you move more than usual; sometimes your body feels sore for days. These are examples of stagnation. The circulation is poor, the cells energy (ATP) is functioning minimally, your electromagnetic field is weak. It can even be assumed that there is stagnation in the arteries due to lack of movement.

Qi Stagnation is the body’s function, and circulation diminished.