Patient Education

Understanding Corrective Care

Restoring health by treating the root condition.

A few things must be understood by everyone who comes to this office. My objective is to treat the underlying condition that has caused your symptoms, your dis-ease. There are a few factors that create the best possible outcome: your understanding of the medicine and how I practice, your compliance and willingness to get better, and receiving treatment according to the corrective care plan that I have laid out.

Somethings must be understood about the healing process. Time heals all wounds, as long as there aren’t any blockages, or obstructions to the healing process.

This also leads to another point: your body has a wound healing time frame that works when you’re healthy and depends on the severity of the condition or conditions. For example, depending on the severity of a cut on your finger, it should scab over within 24 hours. If you break a bone, it should heal within 3-6 weeks. Organ damage is more complicated and takes a minimum of 6 months, and the nervous system takes a minimum of 1 year. Please understand that one cannot break a bone and expect it to be healed overnight.

As a practitioner of Chinese medicine, it is my moral obligation to give you the highest quality treatment that I can. Everything I do, is in your best interest. It is your moral obligation to follow the course and change the lifestyle that has created the illness to begin with. I will not continue to treat patients who are not serious about getting better.

The goal of corrective care is the removal of the cause of dis-ease. A corrective care strategy has three main steps: relief, correction and maintenance. Each step is monitored through re-exams and a progress graph. My patients take comfort in knowing that their health is vigilantly attended.

With corrective care, symptom relief is one of the first things experienced. Symptoms are the last thing to present in an illness, but are usually the first to go. This does not mean that correction has been made, and in order to fully heal and restore optimal health, it is very important to follow the corrective care plan.

Not everyone can reach complete correction. Some cases have reached a point that complete correction is impossible. With this in mind, a plan would be presented to bring the patient’s health to maximum medical improvement, or even to its greatest level of potential.

The corrective care plan is personally designed by your response to treatment, reporting after treatment, by the severity of your condition, and by what you are currently doing for your condition.

There are 3 obstacles people have in receiving treatment. 1.) Time. 2.) Travel. 3.) Money. Out of all 3, there is only 1 that I can help you with. As stated many times: my mission is simple. I want to help as people as possible, achieve optimal health and live with the highest quality of life possible, naturally, through the use of acupuncture and Chinese functional medicine. Whatever it takes to get you better, I will do all that I can.