Health Care Myth Busters: Is There a High Degree of Scientific Certainty in Modern Medicine?

Myth: There is a high degree of scientific certainty in modern medicine In America, there is no guarantee that any individual will receive high-quality care for any particular health problem. The healthcare industry is plagued with overutilization of services, underutilization of services and errors in healthcare practice. – Elizabeth A. McGlynn, PhD, Rand Corporation researcher, […]

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Two Reasons Conventional Medicine Will Never Solve Chronic Disease

Chronic disease is shortening our lifespan, destroying our quality of life, bankrupting governments, and threatening the health of future generations. Unfortunately, conventional medicine has failed to adequately address this challenge, and the prevalence of most chronic health problems continues to rise. In this article I explore why that is and outline a new approach to […]

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The Difference Between “Health Care” and Caring

In his 1996 book The Lost Art of Healing, Dr. Bernard Lown called attention to what he saw as a disturbing trend in medicine – the erosion of trust and reciprocity between doctors and their patients: “Healing is being replaced with treating, caring is supplanted by managing, and the art of listening is taken over […]

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Popular “Diet” Ingredient Now Linked to Leukemia and Lymphoma in New Landmark Study on Humans

As few as one diet soda daily may increase the risk for leukemia in men and women, and for multiple myeloma and non-Hodgkin lymphoma in men, according to new results from the longest-ever running study on aspartame as a carcinogen in humans. Importantly, this is the most comprehensive, long-term study ever completed on this topic, so it […]

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The Startling Link Between Sugar and Alzheimer’s

A high-carb diet, and the attendant high blood sugar, are associated with cognitive decline. In recent years, Alzheimer’s disease has occasionally been referred to as “type 3” diabetes, though that moniker doesn’t make much sense. After all, though they share a problem with insulin, type 1 diabetes is an autoimmune disease, and type 2 diabetes is a […]

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Key Findings: World’s First Vaccinated VS Unvaccinated Study – Conclusive Results

The results of a groundbreaking study into differences between vaccinated and un-vaccinated children have been published for the first time. There has been much speculation surrounding the theory that vaccines can cause certain disorders in children, and now we have a study to back this up.

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Study: Vitamin D Is More Effective Than Flu Vaccine

Conventional health authorities claim getting a flu shot each year is the best way to ward off influenza. But where’s the actual science backing up that claim? If you’ve repeatedly fallen for this annual propaganda campaign, you may be surprised to find the medical literature suggests vitamin D may actually be a FAR more effective strategy, and […]

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Acupuncture | Tui Na | Acupressure | Manual Therapy |Cupping | Intradermals | Gua Sha | TDP Lamp / Heat Therapy | Lifestyle / Self-care Training

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Bruce K. Roff LAc

Bruce K. Roff has studied in the US, and in China. He is a practitioner of Chinese medicine, licensed acupuncturist, massage therapist, 3rd degree Reiki practitioner, and herbal practitioner. He received his degrees from the Swedish Institute of Applied Health Sciences, located in New York. He is also certified in acupuncture for cancer patients through […]

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Prescribed Medications

128,000 Americans die each year as a result of taking medications as prescribed – or nearly five times the number of people killed by overdosing on  prescription painkillers  and  heroin, (Death by Prescription, .

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