Phantom Pain Relief

My name is Gary Anderson. I’ve been suffering from back pain, knee pain, hand and wrist dysfunction, phantom limb pain, ankle problems, and shoulder pain from surgery. I tried medications, exercise, physical therapy, and hot wax therapy to  relieve my conditions.

I was hesitant from receiving acupuncture, because I never thought it would work, and never talked to anyone who had it. I really didn’t think it would give me the relief that it has.

My hesitations were put at ease when I received some appointments from the VA, and I also talked to other patients of Mr. Roff, and heard how much relief they say they have received.

From my acupuncture treatments with Mr. Roff, I have less pain and more function in my hands, knee, ankle. I have had good relief from pain. What I mostly liked about my treatments is that it greatly eased my pain, and also the ability to function better. Acupuncture is very relaxing, and in my shape, I’ll take it.

Other benefits from receiving acupuncture from Mr. Roff is the relaxation, the increased function, and feeling better about myself.

Anyone who is considering acupuncture from Mr. Roff, I say do it! It will be great relief of your pain. Mr. Roff’s approach through changing your diet, homeopathic remedies, and acupuncture works. Mr. Roff has great knowledge in his field, and has had years of study.

I think the field of acupuncture should be adopted into the current medical system. Acupuncture works, for pain, diet, medication abuse, etc… Mr. Roff’s treatments, and general knowledge in health and healing have helped me more than any medical treatments I’ve received in the past. Especially after surgery, it helps your body heal faster, and you have more pain relief faster after surgery too. With this much help and healing, acupuncture is invaluable and should be looked at as a primary medical procedure. It’s better, in most cases, than opiates, I wish I would have met Mr. Roff sooner in my life, but I’m still getting good relief, for what he has to work with. Just ask his patients.

Benefits the VA

My name is Christopher Leigh Adams, Command Master Chief, retired from U.S. Navy

I was experiencing  back and right shoulder pain before receiving acupuncture

I tried various medications, tens units and topical ointments to relieve my condition

I had no hesitation in receiving acupuncture treatments from Mr. Roff, because I’d had previous acupuncture treatments on active duty. Mr. Roff is impressive.  My back pain is at ease with treatments. I have had relief from my symptoms.

I liked the healthy input to quality of life, and Mr. Roff treats the person, making them healthier to hopefully eliminate the use of medications.

What are three other benefits to receiving acupuncture treatments from Mr. Roff?
Treating me for relief of Chrohn’s/ulcerative colitis.  When treated, he is able to comfort symptoms and bleeding stops for a few days with treatment.  I am hopeful Dr. Kevin McCoy continues to allow treatment.  I’ve also seen the provider for tennis elbow/golf…Mr. Roff is able to help in this area as well without the need for a shot.  He has also really aided in the plantar fasciitis area as well.

What would you say to anyone considering acupuncture treatments? Would you recommend Mr. Roff’s services? If so, why?
I would be hopeful that anyone with pain let an acupuncturist treat their illnesses.  And, since Mr. Roff is in this area, the VA may benefit by him because he is not only helping our Vets, he is relieving pain with the hope of getting people off of medicines or at least reduce the amounts of medication.  I was on baclofen and various pain pills daily.  I have not once ingested a pain pill with his treatment.

Is there anything you would like to add?
I will also write that I think of him not as only an acupuncturist.  He is well versed in Chinese Medicine and it is the most researched form of pain relief in history other than massage, and he is well versed in both and “cupping” is another pleasure of relief that he has performed on me and it is wonderful.

So, with only 10 questions to respond too, I will write that if the VA specifically would like to reduce the level of pain their patients have on a daily basis and reduce expenditure of travel to Johnson City and doctor visits to Johnson City to providers….I know from personal experiences that this bond between Johnson City and Mr. Roff benefits the VA and the person..  Win, Win.

    Chris Adams