Tremendous Relief!

While only being a patient of Dr. Bruce Roff for a short time, I have received tremendous relief! At only the age of 23 I was suffering from extreme chronic back pain. It would get so bad at times I would not be able to move until the pain subsided. I have tried physical therapy which didn’t seem to help at all, chiropractors which provided relief only for a short period of time, and medications which only made me unable to do other things. It was horrible having to either deal with the pain and be somewhat clear minded, or must take heavy medications that made me not able to function either. When my pain Dr. at the VA said I should try acupuncture I said anything that will help. So, then I went to see the amazing Dr. Roff, he was very kind and intelligent which make me feel better. Because at first, I was weary, I have never had any experience with this before. He told me that he could decrease the pain by 50% I almost did not believe him. Then after the treatments now I feel like a new man. I can go shopping, trips in the car, walking, even able to help carry my two-year-old son around when he does not want to walk without the fear of immense pain. His treatment has changed my life, I no longer dread busy days where things need to be done. It is amazing to feel normal again. Although I am not completely pain free I would say that I am anywhere from 80%-90% better. When every other Dr. has said there was nothing that could really be done Dr. Roff has made it able for me to chase my dream again. I will now be able to try out for the police department when I get back into shape. Before this my dream was almost lost, but I just want to thank Dr. Roff for all his help. I recommend him for anyone who is worried and in the same situation. Please don’t hold back, see him as soon as you can!

  • Matthew Fleming


Compassionate Patient Care

I have known Bruce Roff, personally and professionally for over ten years. We attended the same graduate-level program in acupuncture and completed our clinical internships at the same time.

Thankfully, I had a chance to get to know Bruce well as a clinician and a human being. HIs sense of professionalism and compassionate patient care was evident from early on, and both the students and faculty (and most of all – Bruce’s patients) deeply respected his knowledge, ability and rapport-buildin g skills. His dedication to his work and to the people he works with is what has always stood out about him, to me. As long as he is working in the field of healthcare, I have faith in what he brings, and will continue to bring, to medicine.

Thank you,
Adam Sharon L.Ac, MS (NY)