Physically and Mentally Healed

My family and I were in a car accident on August of 2015. Not only we all had whipped lash from the accident, but my children suffered back injuries, with pain, and was unable to participate in any kind of physical play. My husband had six back disc hernias, was in a lot of pain, which kept him from work, and had him, depressed. I had an injury on my right shoulder which developed into a frozen shoulder, which was painful, and uncomfortable. For almost 3 months we had been going to numerous Doctors and Physical Therapist, with very little success we gave up.

December 2015, we meet Dr. Bruce Roff, who introduced us to Acupuncture. The best thing we could have done for ourselves. At first we were skeptical, especially my children when learning of the needles, but with Dr. Roff’s, amiable attitude, we found it very pleasant, especially after feeling a great change just after the first treatment . Getting about 24 weeks of treatments, not only were we healed from our acute, current health problems, but other underneath health and emotional concerns.
We highly recommend this to all, as it did forever changed our lives.
Thank you Dr. Bruce Roff!
Best Wishes!
The Safir Family! 

BEST Acupuncturist

I just wanted to say that Bruce Roff is the BEST Acupuncturist I have ever had!I miss him terribly!! He had done literally miraculous work on myself and my husband. We wish he would move back to the East Coast because he does the best work! You’re so lucky you will have him!!

Katherine and Eric Le