Outstanding Student

Bruce Roff was an outstanding student at the North Jersey School of Massage. It was my pleasure to have him as my student. His attention to detail and focus made him a very good massage therapist. When it came to Shiatsu and Five Element Theory, he was like a sponge, wanting to understand every nuance. I am proud that he continued his studies and developed into a very good acupuncturist. I had several treatments from him and got great results.

Louise Mahoney 

Passion in Patient Care

It is my pleasure to recommend Bruce Roff as an Acupuncturist, Educator and Mentor. I had the privilege to be his student in 2010 while attending school for Massage and Bodywork in New Jersey.Bruce was an insightful educator who had the ability to stimulate his students intellectually. He set high standards but provided us all with the tools needed for success. He was professional, always on time and focused in teaching the dos and don’ts on how to treat and heal the body. He always went above and beyond the curriculum to teach his students his passion in patient care. His knowledge and experience in acupuncture and bodywork is beyond something that can be taught. It is precise, intuitive, effective and just simply comes natural to him zeroing in on the patients’ needs for wellness.

I am confident that you would be pleased with his gift. Any organization would be lucky to have him on board. He is truly one of a kind. Please feel free to contact me for any further information at the referenced phone number or email address.


Susica R. Creus