Utmost Confidence

As a patient of Dr. Bruce Roff for almost 2 years, I state with the utmost confidence that he was instrumental in significantly improving my health. I was diagnosed with juvenile rheumatoid arthritis at the age of 15. By the age of 50, I had been on a series of drugs. I had four surgeries to correct the damage joints. I also dealt with stress and weight loss issues both aggravating my arthritic symptoms. After about three months in Dr. Bruce’s care, my symptoms had significantly decreased. I was learning how to manage my stress, losing weight in a healthy manner, and noticed a decrease in pain caused by my arthritis. In addition, I noticed an increase in my energy and overall well-being. Dr. Bruce was able to identify other issues that were affecting my health. By treating me as a whole and not just addressing one health issue, Dr. Bruce was able to do what other doctors could not. After one year, I began to feel better than when I was a teenager! I was one of those people who didn’t really believe in acupuncture. Looking back, I wish I had tried it sooner. My ignorance caused me to have decades of unnecessary pain. One of the things I appreciate, is that Dr. Bruce explains the process in simple and basic terms without being condescending. He answers questions with patience and kindness. In addition, he truly is gifted. It is rare to find someone who not only heals the body but the heart and soul as well. With his fantastic sense of humor that puts his patients at ease, his true gift of healing and his impressive knowledge, Dr. Bruce Roff comes highly recommended.

Maggie Carey

Lyme disease

I had Lyme disease undiagnosed for more than 13 years. After I had been through a gauntlet of treatments by the Head of Infectious Disease at Danbury hospital I was left in a state of poor health.I was depressed, suffering constant fatigue, significant joint pain and suffering from seemingly unpredictable food allergies.

The hospital informed me that these problems were related to the damage done by the Lyme disease and should just accept the result and be happy to be alive. I was suffering. While I was happy to be alive I had very little hope for a long life.

A trusted friend had great success in the care of Dr. Bruce and suggested I give it a try. I was a willing skeptic.

What happened as a result of the care given by Dr. Bruce was some kind of miracle. Through his careful ministrations he was able to systematically restore my health. He did not use the same approach each visit, he monitored what my body was doing and adjusted the approach to what was going on at that moment.

After unlocking the first challenge of having more energy on a daily basis he brought me hope to resolving more.

He was a gift to my health and I can honestly say that I lead a different life today thanks to him.

He offers not only his skill with acupuncture but his joyous personality and boundless care for all of his patients that were key to his success.

Anyone spending as little as 5 minutes in the waiting room could see that he was engaged with everyone on a personal level.

Staff loved him, patients were excited to see him and I could feel the results. His happiness is infectious. With him it was clearly not a show to be courteous and care for others, he meant it.


David Carlson