To Whom It May Concern

I would like to comment on the professionalism of Bruce Roff’s clinical experience. I have studied medicine with him and have also received treatments from him as a client. I have several years of experience with clinical herbal medicine, and was very impressed by the extent of Mr. Roff’s knowledge. He is extremely adept with oriental medicine. Well versed in herbs, supplements, and acupuncture. Out of all of the practitioners I have learned from and received treatment from, I consider him to be the most knowledgeable and effective alternative health practitioner I have met yet. When I received treatment from him I immediately felt differences-something I have never experienced with other acupuncturists. His guidance in herbal and nutrition selection for my personal health challenges has been invaluable. Especially considering that I have had guidance from other herbal and nutrition practitioners and just have not seen good results!

He is additionally very good in interacting with clients. I have observed several of his clinical visits clients and found that he was able to adapt during meetings very easily. During one visit I observed he was working with a handicapped client. He had to help the client maneuver onto the acupuncture table for treatment and did so easily without making them uncomfortable. He is also very kind to clients and thorough during discussions. He makes sure to cover the most important things for the clients to do right now and ALWAYS works to help them improve their overall quality of life. He does NOT simply bring them in, put them on the table, treat them, and then leave. He genuinely cares for his clients and takes the extra steps and clinic time to discuss diet, techniques to mitigating stress, current medications, and etc.

He is very kind to his clients and very clear in his communications. The atmosphere when he is in clinic is very calm, professional, and encouraging. He helps guide them to make good health decisions and is also very clear when explaining WHY a habit is unhealthy and the importance of changing it.

I would like to recommend Mr. Roff’s services as an alternative health practitioner, because I believe he is EXCELLENT at what he does. He is one of the few health practitioners I have met to date that I would fully trust with my personal health and guidance. I base this on the results I have seen from working with him, the results I have seen in his clients, and the knowledge that I have learned from him that I currently use with my own clients to get great results.

Mr. Roff will make an excellent addition to any healthcare setting or team because he will undoubtedly do a good job-which you will personally hear from his clients after he joins your practice or team.

Danna Sharp, M.S.

Herbalist Chemist